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Chromatin accessibility

  • MNase chromatin accessibility data for CS genome (E. Akhunov)

Chromatin accessibility data are available to download in open access.

We have a limited understanding of how the complexity of the wheat genome influences the distribution of chromatin states along the homoeologous chromosomes. Using a differential nuclease sensitivity (DNS) assay, we investigated the chromatin states in the coding and transposon element (TE) -rich repetitive regions of the allopolyploid wheat genome.

Publication in Genome Biology :

Katherine W. Jordan, Fei He, Monica Fernandez de Soto, Alina Akhunova & Eduard Akhunov. Differential chromatin accessibility landscape reveals structural and functional features of the allopolyploid wheat chromosomes. Genome Biol 21, 176 (2020).

Creation date: 30 Jul 2020