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Solr tool package

You'd like to join the WheatIS federation in order to make your data discoverable through the WheatIS search tool ?

You should contact us to have support and to choose the best option that fits your needs.

  • The simpler option is to extract your data in the dedicated CSV format and to provide us this file (either stored on your web server, or by any other way). We then will be able to fetch and index this file at URGI and make your data visible within the WheatIS search tool.
  • If you want to keep full control over your data, you can also install and configure an on-premise Solr instance. Once installation completed, some data indexed and network opened to URGI's servers, we'll be able to add your node to our federation and you'll be visible in the WheatIS search tool.

To ease the WheatIS nodes to expose their data into the WheatIS search tool, we developed a package to help the installation, the configuration and the management of a WheatIS node, or to get primary insights about how to format your data. Download the package:

WheatIS-search-tool-backend-sha1_gnpis-configuration_4c200442ad_etl_script_dd0393ceea.tar.gz (264.58 kB)


Please contact us to get support and to add your data to the WheatIS search.

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Funding project : IFB

Packaging: Florian Philippe and Raphael Flores.

Update: 03 Apr 2018
Creation date: 24 Sep 2015