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Plant Synteny Viewer

Plant Synteny viewer is a project coordinated at scientific level by Jerome Salse INRA GDEC, funded by INRA GAP departement whose goal is to develop a graphical tool to display and to navigate between genes in ancestral chromosome and modern chromosomes. URGI is in charge of software development.


Wheat syntenome unveils new evidences of contrasted evolutionary plasticity between paleo- and neoduplicated subgenomes.

Pont, Caroline; Murat, Florent; Guizard, Sebastien; Flores, Raphael; Foucrier, Severine; Bidet, Yannick; Quraishi, Umar Massod; Alaux, Michael; Dolezel, Jaroslav; Fahima, Tzion; Budak, Hikmet; Keller, Beat; Salvi, Silvio; Maccaferri, Marco; Steinbach, Delphine; Feuillet, Catherine; Quesneville, Hadi; Salse, Jerome

Plant J. 2013 Oct 26. doi: 10.1111/tpj.12366


Shared Sub-genome Dominance Following Polyploidization Explains Grass Genome Evolutionary Plasticity from a 7 Protochromosome Ancestor with 16K Protogenes.

Murat F, Zhang R, Guizard S, Flores R, Armero A, Pont C, Steinbach D, Quesneville H, Cooke R, Salse J.

Genome Biol Evol. 2013 Dec 6.


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Update: 10 Dec 2013
Creation date: 16 Oct 2013